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The brainchild of Scott Ferson and Sean Sinclair, the Blue Lab is a political incubator that is revolutionizing progressive campaigns and the next generation of candidates. The heart of any successful local campaign is the core volunteer effort. Volunteers provide bandwidth to execute the campaign’s strategic plan. This is the power of the Blue LabFrom the start, an office-seeker walks into a fully functioning campaign without the costly upfront expenditures only well-healed candidates can afford.

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The Team

Our team is comprised of a unique collaboration of experienced campaign professionals and students from some of the most prestigious universities across the country. With the guidance and expertise of longtime campaign professionals as well as the eagerness and finger-on-the-pulse outlook from our team of associates, our team is fully equipped to provide the most quality service available.

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Our Services


The Blue Lab is a permanent campaign incubator with the energy of a tech start-up and the experience of veteran campaign consultants. Staff, analysis, and technology are available to our clients the moment they decide to run for office. We assist in voter engagement, research, fundraising and advocacy when creating and structuring a campaign. Described by the Boston Globe as “the next big thing,” we are gaining traction in political advocacy and will help make the campaigning process easy.

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