A model for insurgency

Seth Moulton’s insurgent campaign started at the Blue Lab on July 7, 2013. After serving four tours of duty as a Marine in Iraq and earning degrees from Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government, Jim Sullivan of the Boston Globe reported Moulton’s intention to challenge Rep. John Tierney, an entrenched and well-connected opponent.


With the deck stacked against him, the Blue Lab teamed up with Moulton to run “one of the best campaigns of the 2014 cycle,” delivering an upset primary victory and a “whopping” general election win (Roll Call). From the campaign’s launch to Moulton’s general election victory, the Blue Lab was integrated in every aspect of campaigning. Associates assisted in debate preparation and communication strategies. Others created web content and videos or researched pertinent local and national issues. Blue Labbers’ active, thoughtful, and creative solutions aided Moulton in his stunning upset.


In the 2014 Primary Election, Moulton beat the incumbent John Tierney 50.8% to 40.1%. He later went on to beat Richard Tisei, the Republican nominee 53.6% to 40.2%. Moulton’s margins in 2014 and his continued success as a legislator in DC ensured that Moulton ran unopposed in 2016. In DC, Moulton’s service as a Marine has contributed to his success and respect as a member of the Armed Services Committee and Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces Budget Committee. His experience working as a managing director of the Texas Central Rail Company has further helped earn him a spot as a member on the Committee on Small Business and a ranking Member of Subcommittee on Health and Technology.