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The Blue Lab offers a wealth of ground-breaking services that assist with every aspect of a political campaign. We have the ability to provide quality fundraising strategies and support, technological and database aid, canvassing and grassroots campaign methods, social media maintenance, methodical research and polling help, graphic design, and assistance with any minute or situational detail of a campaign. Our goal is to furnish innovative campaigns with everything necessary to succeed in politics today.


Communications and digital marketing support:

- Preparing press releases and developing press lists

- Designing mail pieces and campaign literature

- Managing social media calendars and platforms

- Designing, editing, and producing short videos for social media

- Producing social media graphics

- Photography session available with advance notice


Field, Fundraising and Bandwidth:

Field support:

- Phone calls

- Volunteer recruitment calls

- Votebuilder data entry

Fundraising administrative support:

- Prospecting donors and building fundraising lists

- Maintaining donor database

- Designing event invitations

- Updating and creating Actblue pages

- Updating event trackers

- Preparing of thank you notes

General bandwidth:

- Assisting the campaign wherever needed (i.e. research/media clips)