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The State of the State of the Union

by William Lemos, Spring Associate

Boston, MA - Jean Bradley Derenoncourt, Brockton City Councilor-at-Large and former Blue Lab candidate, visited the Blue after attending the President's first State of the Union Address as Senator Elizabeth Warren's guest. He stopped by to describe his experience and offered advice to associates.

Despite being in opposition to many of Trump’s policies, Derenoncourt was grateful for the opportunity to attend the State of the Union. Derencourt expressed how methodical and stringent security measures were. He had to present his ticket as formal admittance into the House Chamber, his I.D., go through metal detectors, and have his phone taken during the duration of the speech. He was only a few rows away from First Lady Melania Trump.

After discussing his experience, Derencourt reflected, “we, as younger people, are responsible for shifting the conversation.”As a Blue Lab candidate, Derenocourt embodies both a new generation of leadership and a new immigrant experience. Only seven year ago, he immigrated to Massachusetts after the destructive earthquake in Haiti. Discussing his immigration to the Commonwealth “I would have never dream of this [attending the State of the Union]”.

As young people actively engaged in the political environment of today there can be a tendency to look to our political heroes for the motivation to carry on and to create the change. Derenoncourt challenged this habit, encouraging the Associates to look inward rather than outward for our inspiration; "It's okay to see greatness in other people, but what about you?".



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BOSTON, MA – Today the Blue Lab announced the addition of twelve new Associates. The Associates hail from the following schools: Boston University, Brandeis University, Emerson College, Emmanuel College, Suffolk University, and Tufts University. These students will offer their unique capabilities to the nine campaigns the lab is currently working on, including three congressional races, a statewide race, and the election for U.S Soccer Federation President.

“The Blue Lab is cultivating the next generation of campaign leaders. We are changing the way campaigns are run and winning,” said Scott Ferson, Founder of the Blue Lab and President of Liberty Square Group. “Last fall we won seven out of nine races in Massachusetts, helping to elect a wave of first time, progressive candidates across the state. Since its inception, the Blue Lab has worked on over 50 campaigns across the country.”

“As a young, first time candidate, the Blue Lab offered me indispensable support and guidance,” said State Representative Andy Vargas. “They’re giving everyone a fair shot and changing how we campaign in the digital age. The work of the Blue Lab truly makes the difference for campaigns across the Commonwealth.”

In addition to twelve new Associates, the Lab has also brought on Jennifer Migliore as the Blue Lab Manager. Migliore, a former client of The Blue Lab, and the first woman to win the Democratic primary for State Representative in the Massachusetts 9th Essex District, commented on her return to the group,  “I couldn’t be happier; the Blue Lab helped to get my campaign off the ground and the support I received was critical to my campaign. I wouldn’t be where I am without the Blue Lab.”

About the Blue Lab:

Founded in 2012, the Blue Lab is a permanent political incubator whose mission is to lower the barriers of entry for progressive first-time, minority, and female candidates. The lab provides a host of resources to its clients such as social media maintenance,  technological and database aid, graphic design, and direct voter engagement.The Blue Lab staff is comprised of all college students from a variety of institutions throughout the Greater Boston Area, and managed by Jen Migliore, former candidate for State Representative and aid to Congressman Seth Moulton. For more information or to get involved with the Blue Lab, please visit:




A Blue Labber's Perspective on the 2018 Women's March

by Allie Polaski, Spring Associate

BOSTON, MA - Following last year’s historic events, January 20th, 2018 was yet again one for the books. Saturday not only marked the 45th President’s inaugural year in office, but it also brought about the first day of a full-blown government shut down. While Congressional representatives scrambled to address the dysfunction happening in DC, Americans boldly took to the streets in solidarity to commemorate the monumental 2017 Women’s March.

Pragmatic expectations seemed to set in leading up to the March’s anniversary. There was little chance the number of participants would come close to rivaling the crowds seen last year. Here in Boston, a smaller coalition had taken on hosting the occasion and 2017 event location of the lofty Boston Common was swapped with the more intimate Cambridge Common. Although outwardly prepping for a lesser show, hopes remained high that there would be comparable turn out for this year’s demonstration.

These hopes were clearly met as there was no shortage of political fervor Saturday afternoon. Emerging from the Red line underground Harvard stop, onlookers were met with a sea of pink pussycat hats and flamboyant posters. An estimated 5,000 protesters and advocates alike joined arm in arm to promote the ongoing resistance against the Trump Administration, as well as raising awareness for issues regarding women’s and minority rights. Piggybacking off of the #MeToo and Times Up movements, large focus was placed on gender equality and woman empowerment. Zayda Ortiz (spokesperson for the January Coalition and host of the event) deployed strong local female speakers, including Middlesex DA Marian Ryan (one of the Blue Lab’s current clients) and Cambridge mayor Denise Simmons.

Sister rallies scattered across the country pulled out equally surprising numbers. Some say these liberal displays may be a sign of a fast approaching “Blue Tsunami”, bound to break during the 2018 Midterms elections. While it is still too early in the campaign season to verify such a postulation, there certainly was a charged energy present in Cambridge. Filled with optimism and persistence, the marches were a reminder to everyone that the real power rests in the hands of the People. In the midst of the chaos and uncertainty running rampant in Washington this weekend, citizens proved their combined voices are the true force behind our nation’s democratic spirit.