Meet Our Candidates

The Blue Lab is currently supporting ten progressive candidates running for office. Our candidates are running to represent constituents from a variety of towns and districts such as Lynn, Haverhill, and Malborough. Our mission is to lower the barrier of entry for first-time and minority candidates. We are proud to have helped to elect half the women of color in the Massachusetts State House of Representatives. Read below to learn more about our candidates.

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Meredith Boericke

for Braintree Town Council District 5

Meredith’s family has deep roots in her hometown of Braintree, which drives her goal of building a positive, diverse, and thriving community for all families. With extensive business experience, she will work to bring Braintree into the future with thoughtful planning and outreach. Meredith’s care for the needs of Braintree residents drive her logical and compassionate leadership for all.


Cinda Danh

for Lynn City Council Ward 6

Cinda Danh’s experiences as an immigrant and as a woman affected by foreclosure have led her to work in defense of underrepresented communities. Danh found a passion for public service as a legislative aide, and works to be a voice of trust and advocacy on behalf of all in the Lynn community.


John Drinkwater

for Lowell City Council

John Drinkwater has previous experience running for office, and is guided by his desire to make a difference at home. Drinkwater knows that elected leaders need to understand the struggles and concerns of the working community, and his goal as a candidate is to improve the lives of both families and individuals in the City of Lowell.


Eileen Duff

for Governor's Council

Eileen Duff’s extensive political and ministerial experience, as well as her desire to create a level playing field for all, inform her role on the Governor's Council. First elected in 2012, Duff has worked to ensure that all Massachusetts Justices are qualified, independent, and committed to the rights of MA residents.

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Nick Golden

for Haverhill City Council

Nick Golden is a passionate lifelong resident of Haverhill, and has worked both as a reporter for the Eagle Tribune and as legislative staffer at the Massachusetts State House. These experiences taught him the importance of government transparency and accountability along with the depth of issues such as education funding, clean drinking water, campus sexual violence, and voting access. Golden hopes to work on these pressing issues as an accessible and exemplary member of the Haverhill City Council.


Tram Nguyen

for 18th Essex District State Representative

Tram Nguyen worked as a legal aid attorney before running for office, fighting for the most vulnerable members of Massachusetts. Her work with seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and survivors of domestic violence inform her political advocacy for these individuals and the issues of health care, equality, accountability, education, and the environment. As the State Representative for the 18th Essex District, Nguyen is uniquely qualified to work on behalf of her neighbors.

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Samantha Perlman

for Marlborough City Council

Sam Perlman is a graduate of Marlborough High School, and currently sits on the Marlborough Cultural Council while working in civic education. A lifelong advocate for others, Perlman has extensive leadership experience and hopes to empower her fellow citizens to become more involved in their community. With experience in systemic political change and community engagement, Sam is ready to be a voice for change in Marlborough.


Alkia Powell

for Boston City Council District 5

Alkia Powell has a strong understanding of the challenges facing many Boston residents, including affordable housing, accessible education, and community safety. As a single mother, she underwent eviction due to not being able to afford rent, and is ready to use her lived experience and strong professional background to improve the District 5 Community as a Boston City Councilor.


Gail Sullivan

For Haverhill School Committee

Gail Sullivan is a third generation educator who has dedicated her career to students and families. She is seeking her second term on Haverhill’s School Committee. Having experience as a teacher, principal, and superintendent, the school committee benefits greatly from Gail’s rich perspective. Since being elected, she has focused on curriculum improvements, teacher supervision, special education, and budget issues. Gail is invested in making a difference in the lives of Haverhill’s children and she hopes to continue to do so in her next term.


Rachael Running

for Malden School Committee Ward 8

Rachel Running is a mother of two and proud supporter of public schools. With two children in public school, Running is aware of the importance of a well-functioning system, and is ready to bring her perspective as a parent and social advocate to the Malden School Committee. Running believes that when our children succeed, our city succeeds.


Sumbul Siddiqui

For Cambridge City Council At-Large

Sumbul Siddiqui is seeking a second term on Cambridge’s City Council. She has deep roots in Cambridge, as her family moved to Cambridge from Pakistan when Sumbul was only two years old. Growing up in Cambridge, Sumbul attended Cambridge Public Schools and Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. After going to Brown University and Northwestern Law School, Sumbul returned to her hometown to make change in the community. She was elected to Cambridge City Council in 2017 after a tremendously successful field campaign and was the top vote-getter in the city council race. Since being on city council, Sumbul has prioritized the issues of affordable housing, environmental cleanliness, and constituent accessibility. With her determination and knowledge of community issues, Sumbul is ready to continue to lead by example in Cambridge.


Jim Fiorentini

For Haverhill Mayor

Jim Fiorentini has been Mayor of Haverhill since 2003, making him the longest serving mayor in Haverhill’s history. A lifelong Haverhill resident, Mayor Fiorentini begun his professional life working as a lawyer and moved to public service as Haverhill City Councillor. In his 7 terms as mayor he has led the fight to improve public education and revitalize Haverhill’s downtown. With his proven track record, Jim is ready to lead Haverhill into the future.