Re-electing a well-known advocate on Beacon Hill

Cory Atkins was elected to the office of State Representative in the fall of 1999 in a special election. Well known as an independent voice in the House, Representative Atkins has been determined to fight for her constituents’ priorities concerning education, the environment, economic growth, equal rights and campaign finance reform. However, during the 2016 election, Representative Atkins found herself in an insecure situation as an unsuspecting rival, Republican Candidate Helen Brady, began rising in popularity by investing heavily in social media advertisements and lawn signs.

The Blue Lab stepped forward and helped Representative Atkins on all fronts of her campaign. We specifically honed in on the campaign’s social media and web presence. We built a website for the campaign, created a public Facebook page for Representative Atkins, designed mailers and developed social media strategies to combat numerous oppositional advertisements. The Blue Lab completely revitalized Representative Atkins’s campaign, and she won her reelection with a sizeable lead over Brady, 60% to 36.7%.