The Blue Lab
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Bluebonnet Data



Bluebonnet Data is a new collaboration between Liberty Square Group and a group of STEM students from Boston-area colleges and universities. The goal of this partnership is to help Democratic campaigns, at both the federal and the state level, move into the 21st by incorporating data and analytics into their decision-making processes. By providing services that are usually cost-prohibitive for campaigns below the Congressional level, Bluebonnet Data hopes to change the definition of what it means to run an efficient campaign in 2018 and beyond.

To achieve its goal, Bluebonnet Data provides a range of services for Democratic candidates and state parties, supporting multiple efforts at any given time. Its team is composed entirely by university students who work collaboratively and are advised by political professionals. Bluebonnet Data makes it possible to run a smart campaign, even for those who have little experience in politics, and it aims to help state parties embed data-driven decision making into all its future strategies.



Bluebonnet Data interns are college students who are receiving academic or internship credit in order to learn about the structure of campaigns, determine where they could benefit from data-driven insights, and provide a wide range of analyses. We are searching for problem solvers with STEM backgrounds, even without prior political experience. Because Bluebonnet Data provides a variety of services across different platforms, we are looking to bring on a diverse group of students with experience in data analysis, data visualization, website building, and anything else tech-related. Interns are expected to commit to 12-15 hours a week during the spring semester. Internships with Bluebonnet Data are unpaid but can be taken for credit under the direction of LSG’s academic supervisor.


The following is a list of campaign needs that Bluebonnet Data can perform:

● Analyze built-in VAN (electronic voter file) models for support and turnout likelihood

● Generate targets and contact lists based on VAN models benchmarks

● Map voting targets and track contact progress

● Visualize any data a campaign finds relevant

● Conduct district-specific research

● Carry out other data-related tasks

● Provide state parties with financial analyses of all their candidates and opponents

● Develop long-term projects and data strategies for state parties

For further information, please view our internship flyer here.