Unlike typical campaign interns, Blue Lab Associates are given the opportunity to do real, meaningful work directly with the candidates we support. Our associates and alumni come from 37 different schools across the country and bring a wide set of skills to the table.

Blue Lab Spring 2018 Associates

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Emily Bierei

Emily is a senior at Emmanuel College studying Political Science, Communications and Photography. Originally from Long Beach, California, Emily is eager to dive into the world of Massachusetts politics. Emily spent this past summer as an Associate in The Blue Lab and is excited to return. 



Bayley Connors

Bayley is a sophomore at Boston University, where he is studying political science. He recently completed a communications internship with MIT Sea Grant and spent this past fall as an Associate of The Blue Lab. Bayley is passionate about public policy and hopes to one day be involved with the legislative process.


Alison Bogy

Alison is a sophomore at Tufts University studying Political Science and Chinese. On campus she works with the group ALLIES to improve civil military relations, and dances with the Tufts Dance Collective. She is excited to be returning for her second semester as an associate at the Blue Lab.


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William Lemos

William is a Graduate student at Suffolk University in the Master's of Public Administration and Master's of Political Science Dual Degree program. Originally from Rhode Island, he is a recent graduate from the University of Vermont where he received a Bachelor's in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. He currently works as a Graduate Fellow for Suffolk University.

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Austin Brown

Austin is a Senior at Suffolk University studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Originally from Hudson, New Hampshire, Austin is actively involved in work with non-profits throughout the Greater Boston area. This is his first semester at the Blue Lab.


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Ming Lewis

Ming is a senior at Tufts University majoring in International Relations with a concentration in International Security. She's from Needham, Massachusetts but has recently spent time living in Hangzhou, China studying Chinese and Washington, D.C. working for Senator Tim Kaine.


Armand Makouian

Armand is a freshman studying Journalism and Political Science at Boston University. Originially from California, Armand has spent time volunteering for local candidates as well as a summer interning for the Armenian National Committee of America, the largest Armenian American advocacy group in the country. Armand has an affinity for speech writing and oratory, as well as passion for video making and editing.


Liana Porto

Liana is a current sophomore at Brandeis University from Brooklyn, New York. She is pursuing a double major in Politics and American Studies, with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies.  As an aspiring political consultant, Liana is looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead for her at the Blue Lab this Spring!

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Annie Noel

Annie Noel is a freshman at Emerson College studying Political Communications and Political Science. Originally from Louisiana, Annie understands the importance of progressive politics and the results of a lack thereof. She hopes to reach out to a wide range of constituencies this semester and get the public excited for midterm elections!



Maggie Randall

Maggie is a senior at Suffolk University studying government with a concentration in law and public policy and a minor in environmental policy. Before starting with the Blue Lab, Maggie worked for the Massachusetts legislature and a lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. Maggie is from Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts.

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Allie Polaski

Allie is a Government major at Suffolk University, concentrating in American Politics and Law & Public Policy, while additionally pursuing a minor in Journalism. Originally from San Diego, California, she has spent time living in San Francisco, Boston and Dresden (Germany) working as a ballet dancer before transitioning into politics. She looks forward to working alongside the other associates and fellows of the Blue Lab.


Ivy Zhang

Ivy is a sophomore at Boston University where she is a double major in Political Science and Mass Communication Studies. Originally from Hong Kong, she attended a boarding school in Massachusetts. Ivy is passionate about foreign policy and understanding how culture can impact the way that it is conducted.