Andy Vargas ran for Haverhill City Council in 2016 against an incumbent opponent, Brian Dempsey. Vargas ran at only 22 years old and with the help of the Blue Lab, was able to beat out Dempsey and gain a spot on Haverhill City Council. Vargas ran on the basis of emphasizing all the different things Haverhill has to offer through the businesses, and even developed an app called ‘Activate Haverhill’ to bring together consumers and businesses as well as recruit volunteers. The Blue Lab helped Vargas express these beliefs and more. By utilizing our communications team, our fundraising resources, and coordinating efforts between our work and the work being done by Vargas’ own staff, we were able to help him win his race.

Since his election, Vargas has gone on to become a State Representative and still holds this role. As a State Rep for the 3rd District, Vargas has focused on financial transparency, investments in education such as youth development and student literacy, student nutrition, and entrepreneurship. He has fought for better access to school meals for students who are on free or reduced lunch, to protect net neutrality and consumer rights, and to provide fair financial aid information to all students of higher education. He is on the House Committee of Ways and Means, the Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Businesses, the Joint Committee on Education, the Joint Committee on Public Health, and the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.